Most of my comments concern religious topics, and sometimes things like quasi-religious forms of medicine; but humanity’s enslavement to metaphysics is not limited to those areas. No, people inject their irrational metaphysics into many other areas of life. Recently the New York Yankees went to great expense — and made a big deal out of — removing a Red Sox jersey from where it was embedded in concrete in the new Yankee Stadium, currently under construction.

It seems a malicious Red Sox fan, working last year at the site for just one day, managed to bury the jersey there, hoping it would “curse” the Yankees when they begin using the new ball field in 2009.

That’s right … work halted on one of the biggest public works projects underway in one of the world’s biggest cities, so that a baseball team could put to rest Yankees’ fans fears that their precious team might have been cursed.

Now, I live in and am a native of New England, so I know all about “the curse of the Bambino” (aka Babe Ruth), which was famously broken in 2004 when the Red Sox won the World Series. I had hoped all this asinine curse talk would have been put to rest, back then … but no.

Seems to me an awful lot of people are in desperate need of growing the hell up and getting over their metaphysical hangups. (Then again, these are the Yankees we’re talking about, whose owner and fans are not exactly famous for their maturity when it comes to their team — they fired Joe Torre, one of the best managers in the game, at the end of last season, because the Cleveland Indians beat them in the first round of the American League playoffs.)

Yes, stupidity, irrationality, and belief in unfounded metaphysics permeates humanity like a horrid contagion.

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