Believers tend to thank “God” for all sorts of things, when in fact, it’s human beings who are responsible. One example is when, during a stressful period (e.g. a natural disaster has occurred, someone is missing or recently died, etc.) people flock to their churches to pray over it. Here’s one such event, reported by CNN:

Praying for a flood’s end as water crests

The faithful gathered for church services Sunday in towns hard-hit by flooding along the Mississippi River, and many found comfort in word that the swollen waterway had apparently started to hit its high point.

Dozens of parishioners filled the dry Centenary United Methodist Church in Louisiana, a few blocks from floodwaters that still cover about 15 percent of the town’s neighborhoods.

What’s bizarre about this is that any relief these people have received, has not come from God (who — depending upon whose doctrines you listen to — either ordained the flooding, or created the conditions which have allowed it to happen), but from emergency workers … i.e. people. Just plain folks. OK, so they did manage to work in a little gratefulness to the workers:

They prayed for aid and gave thanks for the volunteers, National Guard soldiers and prison inmates who helped the community of nearly 4,000 in recent days.

I concede that they “thanked” people. Even so, they did it in a church devoted to God. Not in a firehouse (for example) where emergency workers are actually found and who can be thanked in person. Really … what has God done for any of them? It’s nonsensical to go into a church to thank fellow human beings.

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