The North Carolina Senate race reached perhaps the height of absurdity this week when incumbent Republican Elizabeth Dole claimed that her opponent, Kay Hagan, is an atheist supported by an atheist PAC. Liddy Dole’s ad includes snippets from the Bill O’Reilly TV show in which atheists deny Jesus lived and even state that they want to remove “In God We Trust” from the nation’s currency.

As an added touch, the Dole ad ends with a soundalike audio piece of Hagan saying “There is no God!” Have a look at this piece of tripe:

The problem here is fourfold, the first two points being the simplest and most obvious: First, Hagan is not an atheist. She’s a lifelong Christian (a Presbyterian if I recall correctly) who even taught Sunday school. Second, she never actually uttered the words “There is no God!” — that was a soundalike recording.

The third point is that nothing any atheist said on the O’Reilly show has the slightest thing to do with Kay Hagan. There are PACs all over the place who raise money, then give it to candidates. That a person or group gives money to one, does not mean that the candidate agrees with them.

Fourth — and this is the point which is the most fundamental consideration here, but which is glossed over here — is that, even if Hagan is an atheist, so the hell what? Atheists are people too and can be Senators! (For those who disagree, may I direct your attention to Article VI of the US Constitution, which contains what is known as the No-religious-test clause. Thank you.)

One last remark about what the atheists on the O’Reilly show said … in fact, Jesus’ existence is not known with any certainty, and I can’t see that it ever will be.

Elizabeth Dole ought to be ashamed of herself … going so far as to record a soundalike of her opponent saying something she never said. And she dares call herself a good Christian woman … !

I suggest that people donate to Ms Hagan’s campaign as a way to protest what Liddy Dole has done.

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