Religiosity has cost another life, this time that of an infant, as Fox News reports:

A young East Texas couple was arraigned Wednesday on capital murder charges accusing them of beating the woman’s 1-year-old daughter to get rid of “the demons.”

Authorities said that the child was also bitten more than 20 times.

Blaine Milam, 19, and Jessica Carson, 18, remained jailed Wednesday in lieu of a $2 million bond for each.

They were arrested Tuesday after Rusk County Sheriff’s deputies responding to a 911 call found 13-month-old Amora Bain Carson beaten. Investigators think the couple used a hammer to “beat the demons out” of Amora, Carson’s daughter.

It’s unfortunate this happened in Texas, because as I blogged back in June, that state has a “religious exemption” notion in its laws that permit people to harm others, so long as it’s done during a religious ceremony. The court in this case asked for a very high bond, however, this does not mean this case will not somehow “go away” once the hubbub dies down and the Texas authorities can cook up some excuse about how “religious freedom” must be preserved at all costs — even that of a baby’s life! — and after all, the haven’t the parents suffered enough already?

Let’s hear it for Texas, the Buckle of the Bobble Bayelt.

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