At Fox News, the concept of a “war on Christmas” is old news, that gets kicked up every year like clockwork. Erstwhile host John Gibson penned a book on the subject in 2005, The War On Christmas, positing that there is a secular movement to outlaw the celebration of Christmas in the US, and implies that this war on Christmas is merely the first salvo in a much larger campaign to abolish Christianity altogether.

Yes, it’s paranoia. How else can one account for the idea that using the phrase “Happy Holidays” is a way to wipe all memory of “Christmas” from the minds of Americans? Nothing other than “paranoia” can explain such thinking. No one is swiping Christmas trees from people’s homes or taking lighted reindeer off their lawns. No one has outlawed “mall Santas.”

Simply put, there is no effort to abolish Christmas, let alone Christianity.

Each year, Gibson’s former colleague Bill O’Reilly is actually the major champion of the “there’s-a-war-on-Christmas!” mantra. All through December, it’s a nightly segment on his show. His outrage over it is palpable, even though it’s utterly irrational.

Recently Gretchen Carlson, another Fox News host, was on O’Reilly’s show to kvetch and whine about it:

O’REILLY: So you were brought up in Minnesota, right?
CARLSON: Exactly.
O’REILLY: OK, now think back many, many years ago to when you were a child.
CARLSON: Thank you, Bill.
O’REILLY: I do that to everybody. None of this existed, correct?
CARLSON: No, my grandfather was a minister. So I have to – I’ll say that because I grew up spending a lot of time in the church.
O’REILLY: But none of it existed. There was no controversy over Christmas. …
CARLSON: We actually called it Christmas. …
O’REILLY: … What’s changed?
CARLSON: What’s changed is the whole politically correct environment that we live in. I’m all for people to have their rights of free speech. Just don’t choose December 25th to do it.

So … we have someone who claims to support free-speech rights, but admits she’d like to limit that right, one day a year.

Yes folks, you read that right. One day a year, no one should have free-speech rights.

On top of that, she insists no one ever said “Happy Holidays!” when she was a kid, only “Merry Christmas.” Well, she must be much older than she admits to, because — get this — people were saying “Happy Holidays” decades ago … this phrase even led to the Irving Berlin song “Happy Holiday,” which was in the 1942 movie Holiday Inn.

Did you catch that? Back in 1942, Irving Berlin and all the other folks who produced one of the most-beloved holiday films, took part in that “War on Christmas.” Oh yeah, I believe that.


It’s time for the religionazis of this country — and their leaders on Fox News — to grow the hell up and stop fabricating stuff so they can justify feeling persecuted and outraged. It really has grown old, you know. Enough already!

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