Yes, it’s true. (Or should I say, they aren’t true!) A lot of things you think about the holidays — even things you’ heard since childhood, oft-repeated maxims that you had presumed were solid and unquestionable — are actually a load of horsehockey! The British Medical Journal addressed some of these “truisms” and revealed them to have little or no truth at all. It turns out that all of the following are not true:

  1. Sugar makes kids hyperactive
  2. Suicides are more frequent during the holidays
  3. Poinsettia plants are toxic
  4. Nearly half of one’s body heat is lost through an uncovered head
  5. Nighttime eating causes obesity
  6. Hangovers can be cured

About the only one of these I might quibble with is poinsettia toxicity; my experience with cats and poinsettias is that the latter will make the former sick to their stomachs — I’ve seen it first-hand with a plant-nibbling cat I once owned. Poinsettias may not kill cats — or even harm them enough to require a vet visit — but I wouldn’t again have one in a house with a cat and risk making the cat sick.

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