I saw one of those standard stories that comes out every year, in which some whiny Christian dares claim to have been persecuted for his/her faith. (Sorry, but this just does not happen in a country which is somewhere in the 80s percentile Christian.) The crap about having to say “Merry Christmas” was the focus of a story about a woman in Florida who claims to have been fired from her job over it:

A Christian woman claims she was fired from her job because she greeted callers with “Merry Christmas,” but the vacation rental company says it’s no Scrooge and the woman is just a disgruntled employee. …

It’s the same bilge O’Reilly’s been spewing for over a month now. Wah, wah, wah. What made this story stand out over the rest of the bellyaching, though, was this interesting quote; quite simply, it’s an obvious lie:

“I hold my core Christian values to a high standard and I absolutely refuse to give in on the basis of values. All I wanted was to be able to say ‘Merry Christmas’ or to acknowledge no holidays,” she said Tuesday. “As a Christian, I don’t recognize any other holidays.”

It cannot be true that she celebrates no other holidays than Christmas. You see, there’s a much more important holiday on the Christian calendar — one which, unlike Christmas, has been important to the faith since it started — and that’s Easter.

You know, Easter … the Christian holiday that celebrates Jesus’ resurrection after his crucifixion … the central event in Christian doctrine? Yeah, that holiday.

I truly doubt this woman doesn’t celebrate Easter. Do you?

In fact, she is misrepresenting Christianity and lying about her own worship practices. She must be desperate, if she needs to lie in order to rationalize her persecution complex. I wonder if her own Jesus would approve of her lying in his name?

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