There’s nothing like Christmas to bring out the lunacy of the religionazis. A small daily newspaper here in northwestern Connecticut published a letter-to-the-editor today which exemplifies all the fallacies and false beliefs of the religionists. This guy (Thomas Latina) uses Christmas as an excuse to complain about things ranging from the ancient Romans (who are long dead), to separation of church and state, to Black Baptist churches, to Kwanzaa, the atheist sign in Washington state, to Darwin and evolution, and more … along the way he comes up with the idea that atheists should not have Christmas off with pay, they should be forced to work. Here are a few excerpts from this hyperreligious nonsense, along with some notes by me:

believe what our founding fathers had in mind is where King James broke with the Catholic church and started his own religion that was a state sponsored religion that you had to follow. Christians were given the choice of to convert to Anglicism, or be killed.

Mr Latina is mixing up King James with Henry VIII, who launched the Anglican schism; as for people being killed if they did not “convert,” at first this was a non-issue since the entire Church presence in England came under Henry’s control, initially. There was no conversion since everyone was assumed, then, to be an Anglican. Strife came later as people within Britain returned to Catholicism or joined other sects.

And politicians? Why do you always see them in Black Baptist churches, but never preaching from a Catholic church? Double standard?

No Mr Latina, it’s called “facing your audience where they can be found,” and is what politicians do.

Then there’s Darwin’s theory. Does anyone wonder why it’s called Darwin’s theory, and not Darwin’s rule? Because, the same as God, you can’t prove it.

Mr Latina is having trouble understanding the meaning of “theory” as a scientific term, and is purposely confusing it with its colloquial, and technically incorrect, meaning of “estimate” or “guess.”

Now let’s get to the real world. If all those state employees (like teachers for instance) don’t believe in God, or Christmas, they should have to work that day for straight pay, no Christmas bonuses, no Holiday pay. Just another day at school.

Hmm, just another day? With the majority of kids out for Christmas? Really?

In sum, if there’s any crazy religionist idea that somebody obsessed with Christianity could come up with — and whose grasp of basic facts is poor or non-existent — it’s in this letter. Read more of this fact-deprived crap and laugh … or perhaps cry, knowing there are actually people in the world who think this way, and there are publishers willing to give them a platform from which they can ramble incoherently for Jesus.

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