A Muslim cleric from Egypt has called for the world’s Muslims to boycott the worldwide coffee chain Starbucks, because — he claims — the company’s logo is a picture of the Biblical Esther (as the Jerusalem Post reports):

As Jews around the world celebrated Purim, an Egyptian cleric called for a boycott against Starbucks throughout the Arab world, claiming that the woman in the international chain’s logo is Queen Esther.

“Starbucks is to be found in Mecca, in Medina, opposite the King Abdul Aziz Gate in Mecca, opposite the Majid Gate in Medina, as well as in Cairo,” cleric Safwat Higa said, during a sermon that aired on Al-Nas TV, and which was documented by the MEMRI watchdog group. …

“The girl in the Starbucks logo is Queen Esther. Do you know who Queen Esther was and what the crown on her head means? This is the crown of the Persian kingdom. This queen is the queen of the Jews. She is mentioned in the Torah, in the Book of Esther. The girl you see is Esther, the queen of the Jews in Persia,” the cleric said. …

According to Doug Fast, the designer of the Starbucks logo, the woman depicted is based on a Greek mythological siren — half woman/half fish — and has nothing to do with Queen Esther.

Even if the logo were a picture of Esther — which its designer says it’s not — Higa (other reports call him “Higazi”) has still failed to explain why Muslims should be incensed over it. Esther was a heroine of the Hebrew scriptures, and Muslims honor other figures from the same works, such as Abraham, Ishmael, and more. So I’m at a loss to understand the offense here.

What I do know is, this is just another example of mindless outrage over something that’s not a problem at all … the very sort of thing religion stirs up in people all the time. We need less of this, not more.

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