I’ve blogged before on the disingenuous “Joe the Plumber” (whose name is Sam and who is not a plumber), whose appeal to the Religious Right I truly do not understand. Since the R.R. is growing dissatisfied with the Republican party (even if they haven’t given up trying to remake it into an arm of theocracy in the US), they’ve turned to non-politicians as spokesmen for what it means to be a Christian in the US. And for some reason, one of those now happens to be Joe the Plumber Sam the Unemployed.

Toward that end, Christianity Today interviewed him. The resulting gibberish and drivel are a train wreck, as you can see in these selections:

Every state has “In God we trust” or “With God’s help” in their constitution.

Although I haven’t looked at all the state constitutions, I do know the constitution of my home state, Connecticut, contains neither of these phrases. (Don’t believe me? Have a look for yourself. They aren’t there, even if it does contain the word “God” once in the Preamble, and once in the text of the oath legislators take when they assume office.) So Sam is factually wrong on that score.

CT: Who do you see as the emerging Christian leaders?

SW: James Dobson. I love Dobson.

Uh, Sam … James Dobson cannot be an “emerging” Christian leader. He is, rather, a past Christian leader; you see, he retired around three months ago!

CT: Who are you people you look to for advice?

SW: Ken Holder from fairtax.org, who is working hard to spread the fair tax.

Now there’s a great bastion of Christian thought. A tax reformer. I’m not sure how this is possible, though, since Jesus himself disavowed any opinion on the nature of taxation (see Matthew 22:15-21, Mark 12:13-17, and Luke 20:20-25). Tax reform, therefore, cannot ever be an expression of one’s Christianity since it’s not Christian to care about taxation. At least, not according to Jesus’ own words.

I noted that Christianity Today posted a blog entry about this interview in order to separate itself from his views. I have no idea why they would do so; it seems rather unusual. I can only surmise that CT‘s own editors recognize what a train wreck this interview was and are trying to undo the resulting damage.

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