Barack Obama — the first US president ever to acknowledge the existence of non-believers in this country — has dealt a blow to the National Day of Prayer, and the theocrats who promote it are not happy. US News & World Report relates the controversy:

The National Day of Prayer Task Force, headquartered at the conservative Christian group Focus on the Family, has issued a statement criticizing the Obama administration for the way it’s marking the annual event this Thursday. Though the Obama administration has announced that it will issue a proclamation marking the National Day of Prayer, it will not hold a formal White House event, as George W. Bush had done for the past eight years.

The White House said they made this choice because not all presidents had observed the NDoP with an official White House event. But the NDoP Task Force claims this is not true, as US N&WR goes on to say:

Today, however, the task force E-mailed me to say it had uncovered evidence for two White House events in pre-Bush administrations: a 1989 breakfast event in the State Dining Room hosted by George H. W. Bush and a 1982 Rose Garden event with Reagan.

The NDoP Task Force’s reasoning, then, is that — because George W. Bush’s two immediate predecessors observed the NDoP with White House events, once each, or two times total in their combined 12 years — this somehow constitutes a mandate that Obama observe it each and every year without fail, forever more. This is another of those times where I’m not sure what universe of logic religionists live in … it can’t be the one I’m in … so I’m unable to comprehend what they’re saying.

Now that Obama has taken the first step away from pandering to religionists via the NDoP, perhaps next year he could instead observe the National Day of Reason instead? One can always hope.

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