It’s strange how the Lord chooses to reveal himself. Sometimes it’s in the form of a Virgin Mary apparition, which can show up in odd — and sometimes indiscernible — places like in the mist between two panes of window glass or in a knot pattern in a slab of wood. One would think God would reveal himself in much more efficient, and less fuzzy, ways … but hey, as the theists say, “the Lord works in mysterious ways.”

As if this cop-out actually explains anything.

Well, God has revealed himself once again. This time it’s in Florida, and it was on three slices of fried salami. WFOR-TV (CBS4) reports on this miraculous event:

South Florida woman (sic) is re-examining her faith. She was in the kitchen cooking a family favorite when letters appeared on the salami in her frying pan. The letters spelled out the word GOD. …

We witnessed the letters G.O.D. spelled out on three slices of fried salami. Simoes had placed the pieces of Salami on a plate on the table for our cameras to videotape. …

“You realize people could think you are making this up,” asked CBS4’s Jorge Estevez to Simoes. “I can’t make this up. You see it. It’s there you can see burn marks,” said Simoes as she pointed at the plate of sliced Salami.

Aside from the question of why anyone would want to fry salami — it’s already a dried meat and frying it will just make it drier — I do, in fact, also question whether this is “made up.” It’s not that I don’t question what I see in the picture. Instead, I question the means by which it came to pass.

The salami that spells GOD!Look closely at the picture:

The letters “G” and “O” (and I suppose a misshapen “D,” though it looks like a second “O” to me) are clearly there in the salami. But … the letters are raised on the surface of the meat. The woman who “found” the letters miraculously scarred into the salami, might instead have pressed through the meat on the pan while it was cooking and forced the scarring to occur in that pattern. She would have had to impress a mirror image of the letters in order to achieve this effect, but that certainly would have been only a mild impediment to pulling this off.

In many cases of this kind, such as the wood and the window I mentioned previously, I chalk up these divine appearances to the psychological phenomenon of pareidolia … which is recognizing a resemblance to something else, in an otherwise-random pattern. This “God in the salami,” however, is clearly not pareidolia. That scorched letter “G” (at the very least) is not accidental or coincidental. But it may well have been purposely done by the woman cooking her salami.

So, do I believe this is a true supernatural revelation of God’s awesome power? Of course not. Surely the Almighty has better things to do with his time than scorch letters into pan-fried lunch meat!

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