The case of Daniel Hauser — the Minnesota boy I blogged about already, whose family has used its (questionable) Nemenhah “religion” as a pretense for not treating his Hodgkin’s lymphoma — has taken a strange turn, as the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports:

The father of Daniel Hauser said today he believes his son and his wife have left the country, but won’t say where he thinks they have gone to keep out of reach of authorities.

“I have an opinion where they are, but I can’t say I know,” said Anthony Hauser, adding that he has placed a call to a telephone where he believes he can reach them. …

Despite state and national crime alerts that were issued Tuesday afternoon, the Brown County sheriff’s office reported late this morning that the boy and his mother haven’t been found. Daniel’s case is attracting intense worldwide news media attention.

Colleen Hauser defied a court order when she disappeared Monday.

The family, of course, still is in rigid and fierce denial that there is anything wrong with Daniel:

Hauser said he and his wife are open to treating Daniel with a combination of low doses of chemotherapy and alternative medical treatments.

“Where’s the reasoning here?” he said of the doctors’ position. “There is none.”

Mr Hauser, let me help you with the doctors’ “reasoning.” They are the credentialed medical experts. You are not. They are the ones who’ve successfully treated other people for Hodgkin’s lymphoma. You have not.

Was that simple enough for you to follow, Mr Hauser? Good.

The Star Tribune goes on to say that officials claim they guessed the Hausers might pull a stunt like this:

County officials had “kind of suspected this would happen,” Hoffmann said of the Hausers’ disappearance. “But we had no legal grounds to do anything” preemptive.

Actually, there’s no reason they could not have staked out the Hausers’ home — if they truly suspected this — so they’d know their whereabouts at all times and could intercept them if needed. What I suspect is that officials were caught off-guard and are only now claiming to have been suspicious of them.

The Hausers are apparently getting help in killing their kid:

t said they may be in the company of Susan Daya, also known as Susan Hamwi, a California attorney who accompanied them to a medical appointment Monday.

It also said they might be with a man named Billy Joe Best, who appeared at a news conference held by the family in early May to say he supported the Hausers.

How wonderful of these two people to be complicit in the attempted (so far) killing of Daniel Hauser and defiance of a Minnesota state court.

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