The headline of this press release is alarming enough:

A Call to Christian Revolution

On Monday, May 18th, 11:00 AM, Christian leaders from across the nation will come to our nation’s capital to stand for Jesus and oppose Senate “Hate Crimes” bill (S.909) at the U.S. Supreme Court.

“America will learn the hard way that you cannot make straight what God has called crooked, or tolerate what God deems intolerable, or turn moral wrongs into civil rights, and thrive as a people.” Rev. Rusty Thomas, Director, Elijah Ministries.

“This bill seeks to shut down the message of hope and deliverance from the chains of homosexuality through Jesus Christ. It criminalizes Christians who reach out in the love of God to save those trapped in sexual perversion.” Michael Marcavage, Director, Repent America. …

On Monday, May18, 2009, 11:00 AM, we will ask American Christians to consider and pledge their allegiance to Almighty God, His Law, and His Son. We will offer a new Declaration of Dependence to be read from the steps of the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

Wow! In the name of stopping passage of this law, these people are using incendiary and revolutionary language. I’ve blogged before on why these people are so vehemently against “hate crimes” laws. In their idiotic minds, they interpret all “hate crimes” laws as outright attacks on their religion … without regard to whether or not the laws in question are actually “attacks” on anyone.

Their vehemence is unmistakable here and they don’t hold back at all. They want “a new Declaration of Dependence,” one that, I assume, places them in control of the country.

Folks, these people are theocrats, and I suspect most of them are part of the Dominionist (or Christian reconstructionist) movement that wants to dispose of the US Constitution and establish a new, Protestant-fundamentalist Christian government patterned after the “Judges” period as found in the Old Testament (in the book of that name). They want — no, they demand rather — that their religion become the law of the land, imposed on every American. By force, if necessary.

They are, in a word, dangerous … as dangerous as the Islamist fundamentalists (of which al-Qaeda is a part) who slaughter people in the name of promoting their own religion. Of course, these people believe themselves to be much better than said Islamic terrorists, but really, their philosophy — that their religion (whichever it is) must control humanity, even if brute force is required to do so, is the same thing, even if its outward appearance is different — in this case, an army of militant Christians rallying in front of the US Supreme Court, instead of sniveling little killers cowering deep inside caves in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Beware the Religionazis, folks. They’re coming, and they aren’t surrendering.

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