Further evidence of the moral bankruptcy of the Religious Right continues to stream in, in the form of commentary on the assassination of Dr George Tiller, about which I’ve blogged twice already.

Here are some comments by Bill “Shut Up!” O’Reilly, of Fox News, in his weekly online column. While O’Reilly concedes it was wrong to have killed Tiller, O’Reilly qualifies this with the following:

It took just minutes after the report of Tiller’s murder for the far-left loons to hit the websites. Postings on the Daily Kos and The Huffington Post immediately blamed me and Fox News for inciting Tiller’s killer. Even though I reported on the doctor honestly, the loons asserted that my analysis of him was “hateful.”

According to O’Reilly, the problem with Tiller’s assassination is not that it happened, but rather, it’s that Leftist Web sites complained about it, and particularly vexing for O’Reilly, was that he was held partly to blame.

Wow. Is this guy for real? (Don’t answer that, I already know he really believes the bullshit he shovels to his sheep every night … that was just a rhetorical question.) O’Reilly defends his earlier characterizations of Tiller on the grounds that other people had done it:

Chief of among the complaints [made against O’Reilly] was the doctor’s nickname, “Tiller the baby killer.” Some pro-lifers branded him with that, and I reported it.

This, of course, is “two wrongs make a right” thinking … which anyone who’s ever been through Catholic schools (as O’Reilly claims he was) knows is not correct. Of course he knows better … he just doesn’t let that get in the way of justifying his own language.

O’Reilly continues with a truly paranoid diatribe:

But behind all the bluster was a well thought out, coordinated campaign. By exploiting the death of Tiller, the far-left is seeking to silence Americans who are appalled by late-term abortion. By demonizing people like me who believe that terminating viable fetuses must only be done when there are catastrophic health ramifications, the pro-abortion zealots are trying to inhibit dissent on the abortion issue in general.

I’m not sure anyone is trying to “silence” anyone. As for the criticism of the language used by O’Reilly and other Religious Right pundits, that criticism may have been sparked by Tiller’s assassination, but let’s be honest, it’s not all fabricated (as O’Reilly himself admitted earlier using his “but other people called him ‘baby killer’!” claim). The fact is that these R.R. pundits did, in fact, spew horrible invectives against Dr Tiller. Had they not done so, there would not now be any criticism of their language. That is why they were criticized — in other words, their own words were “coming home to roost” (to use a phrase made famous by the Rev. Jeremiah Wright).

Note to Mr O’Reilly: Be a man. Own up to your own words. Admit you said them … without qualification. Have the courage to face them.

Or be a childish sniveler who makes excuses for his own behavior and then whines when other people notice it. It’s your choice.

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