It’s well-known that kids can drive their parents crazy. But I guess it takes metaphysics — in this case, Voodoo — to make them assault them in a cruel way. The New York Daily News reports on a bizarre example of metaphysics run amok:

Determined to drive evil spirits out of her daughter, a Queens mom performed a bizarre voodoo fire ritual that left the 6-year-old girl scarred for life, prosecutors say.

While young Frantzcia Saintil was “engulfed in flames,” Marie Lauradin let the screaming girl burn, Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said Thursday.

But much worse than burning her daughter, was how Ms Lauradin dealt with the injuries:

Eventually, Frantzcia’s grandmother doused the flames with cold water, but the women then put the girl to bed instead of getting her help, Brown said.

Frantzcia suffered for a whole day before a relative begged them to take her to a hospital.

I guess it takes religioisity to make a mother both cruel and indifferent to her own child. Nice.

A real gem in this reporting is the following protestation by Ms Lauradin’s attorney:

“She denies these allegations,” lawyer Jeff Cohen said. “This is my client’s only child. My client would not hurt her.”

Counsel must live in a strange alternate universe, wherein it’s not a Voodoo-believing parent, but some unknown third party, who sneaks into homes, douses kids with rum, sets them on fire, and flees? Who, exactly, does counsel think set this child on fire … the Torch Fairy? Please! What an asinine thing to say.

Are we clear yet as to the massive amounts of harm that metaphysical beliefs can do to people? Have you had enough yet of this kind of story? (In case you’re not aware of the phenomenon of “killing one’s kids for religion,” have a look at this, and this, and this!)

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