As if anyone needed any evidence that psychics and “ghost hunters” are full of it, here’s an example of them being way off. WPXI-TV in Pittsburgh reports on this fiasco, which took place in West Virginia:

It has been determined that bones found by ghost hunters inside a historic West Virginia home are those of various farm animals. The psychics were looking for paranormal activity in Aspen Manor in Wellsburg, near Steubenville, but found the bones hidden inside a wall instead. …

The psychics said they sensed someone was buried in a basement wall and heard a voice saying, “Help me. I’m stuck inside the wall.”

But as the story explains, the bones were not of a person who’d been stuck in the wall:

Officials from the Smithsonian Museum determined that none of the bones were human. The bones ranged in size from those of either horses or cattle, to those of chickens. Pig bones were also identified in the mix, officials said.

I’m sure these “psychics” will say that the cries of “help me” that they heard, were those of the animals, and not humans, as they’d presumed. After all, one can hardly expect people who hear the spirits of the dead, to be able to discern human and animal spirits, now, can one?

In case anyone is not clear: “Psychic powers” — to use a description Penn Jillette favors — are bullshit. Even famous psychics, renowned for their presumed “insights” and “abilities,” have been demonstrably shown to have been wrong, on many occasions. Just a few examples of one psychic, Sylvia Browne, having been wrong, may be seen here. It’s merely one example of many that I could provide.

Hat tip: Skeptics & Heretics Forum (on Delphi Forums)

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