As if to provide yet another shining example of what’s wrong with journalism in the U.S., the venerable Hartford Courant … which to its credit, even now is in the midst of running a series of stories exposing the complicity of the Roman Catholic diocese of Bridgeport in the priestly-pedophilia scandal … is running a follow-up non-news story about something which was non-news back when they first ran it. Here’s the Courant‘s non-story of the day on a putative “haunting”:

The “Ghost Hunters” who invaded Hartford’s historic Mark Twain House earlier this fall didn’t go away empty-handed.

When the famous duo of plumbers-by-day from Warwick, R.I., were dispatched to Hartford in September with their crew, they encountered all manner of noises and shadows and electromagnetic fields.

In the Twain episode of “Ghost Hunters,” which premieres tonight at 9 on the Syfy network, members of the Atlantic Paranormal Society set up their equipment and spend a dark night at the home in September, just before the Twain House, built in 1874, opened itself up for a series of sold-out “Ghost Tours” in October.

And although it is not good form to spill the results of the investigation before an episode airs, let’s just say that the Twain House may have to double the number of haunted tours next year.

I’m so glad these two cranks “didn’t go away empty-handed.” Somehow I doubt they ever “go away empty-handed” from any reported “haunting” … because ultimately it’s it’s all contrived, anyway.

To be clear: There is no such thing as the “paranormal.” This in turns means there is no such thing as a “haunted house.” Period. Anyone who has any evidence of the paranormal, should go and collect a million dollars from James “the Amazing” Randi. (While many have claimed to be able to “prove” the paranormal, and even participated in testing by the Randi Foundation, curiously, none have been able to get the money. Hmm.)

Memo to Courant editors: Give us more of your exposé of the Catholic Church — and of other kinds of corruption and misdeeds in Connecticut — and less of this insipid non-news. OK? Thanks.

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