Haiti Port-au-Prince séisme 15/01/10
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It’s easy for me to laugh about the delusional Marion “Pat” Robertson and his insulting, ignorant remarks about Haiti (which I blogged about, which he stands by, and which have been defended by others). What’s much harder is to decide what to actually do about this horrifically devastating earthquake. Charities are easy to find, but charitable efficiency … i.e. the amount of money directly spent on the cause being supported … can be elusive. Whole Web sites (such as this one and this one) are devoted to measuring this.

Adding to this is the consideration that a lot of charities are religious, and donating to them will add to the coffers of religious causes; as a non-believer, I’d like to find somewhere less religious, and more humanistic, to give my money to.

Well, famous atheist Richard Dawkins has come along with a solution to this dilemma: Non-Believers Giving Aid. He has selected as beneficiaries two organizations, the International Red Cross, and Doctors Without Borders. This page will allow you to donate to these as you wish, using PayPal. The great part of this is, all of your donation will go to the charity/ies you designate, since Richard will pay the PayPal fees (up to $10,000).

I urge everyone reading this to donate as much as s/he can. I urge non-believers to take advantage of Richard’s page to do so. Religious folks, donate as your conscience dictates … either there or to some other organization, so long as you’re sure the money will get to Haiti.

P.S. The White House Web site and numerous media articles and ads are telling people to donate using their cell phones to send a particular text message to a particular number, which will bill them for a donation to Haiti. I suggest not doing this, but donating directly to a charity … it’s not clear the money will be used for relief very quickly. (No, I’m not saying this isn’t a valid way to donate — it is! — rather, I’m suggesting it might not be an optimal way to donate.)

P.P.S. I hope this puts the lie to frequent accusations by theists, that non-believers are amoral, selfish, and greedy.

Hat tip: Numerous sources (Pharyngula, iReligion forum, Unreasonable Faith, American Atheists, Atheist News, British Humanist Association, and many more). It’s nice to see freethinkers around the globe are pulling together on this.

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