Almost a year after resigning as head of the Christian evangelical group he founded (WebCite archived article), Focus on the Family, James Dobson will be leaving the group entirely, and establishing a new one of his own, called “James Dobson on the Family” (wow, talk about originality!). The New York Times reports on this development (archived article):

Dr. James Dobson, the founder of Focus on the Family and an influential voice for Christian conservatives, is about to depart from the organization he created and is starting a radio program that will give him greater leeway to hold forth on politics.

Beginning in March, Dr. Dobson, 73, will co-host the radio show with his son, Ryan, 39, a tattooed surfer and skateboarder who wrote a book called “Be Intolerant” and who has honed an identity preaching to youths.

Dobson has claimed this move is just a new way to continue his all-important mission to convert the country to evangelical Christianity:

“Our nation is facing a crisis that threatens its very existence,” Dr. Dobson said on Dec. 29 in announcing his new venture on his Facebook page. “We are in a moral decline of shocking dimensions. I have asked myself how can I sit and watch the world go by without trying to help if I can. That is what motivates me at this time.”

Even if this is true, it’s not clear how it was necessary for him to leave Focus on the Family in order to do this. After all, their mission is his mission, is it not? What’s the problem? Well, the Times may have figured it out:

The real reason for Dr. Dobson’s new venture may have been his son. A Focus board member who spoke on the condition of anonymity said that because Ryan Dobson has been divorced, it would be against the board’s policy for him to serve as the voice for Focus, which counsels people on marriage and child-rearing. (Ryan Dobson has since remarried and has a son of his own.)

Yes, that’s right, folks. The man who has spent decades condemning divorce and complaining about the demise of the “nuclear family,” managed to raise his own son to get divorced and then get remarried. Because Focus on the Family was built on this strict ideal … an ideal that Dobson himself specified … he now must leave his own organization and start a new one, if he’s to include his own divorced-&-remarried son in it.

The word for this, folks, is hypocrisy. Yes … that same hypocrisy that Jesus himself explicitly ordered his followers never to engage in under any circumstances.

Of course, the Dobsons’ move of creating a new radio show, puts them at odds with Focus on the Family, which will retain its own show. In any event, the first order of business — as is usual with any evangelical group — is fundraising:

In his Facebook page announcement, he asked contributors to raise $2 million to get it under way, adding that he hoped they would also continue to support Focus.

Let’s hope money is too tight to get this project going.

Hat tip: iReligion forum on Delphi Forums.

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