Christians around the world — but especially here in the US — are sure to be furious when they open up this weekend’s Parade magazine. It will have an interview with the legendary Elton John. In a “preview” of this interview which is now available on Parade‘s Web site, there is this nugget (WebCite cached article):

I think Jesus was a compassionate, super-intelligent gay man who understood human problems.

There’s no explanation, in this preview article, of why he thinks Jesus was gay. The full printed article may or may not explain it.

Nevertheless, I expect various religionists to go up in flames when they hear about this. The usual suspects will fall all over each other to condemn the musician. Already the Catholic League has called him “intolerant” (WebCite cached article) for having said it. I have no idea what kind of logic led them to say that a gay man is “intolerant” for having called Jesus gay … but little things like rationality have never gotten in the Catholic League’s way before, so it’s not about to, now. (In the eyes of the Catholic League, merely failing to be Catholic is — all by itself, and by definition — “intolerance” of Catholicism.)

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