Dr James Dobson (Jeff Fusco/Getty Images)A couple months ago I blogged about James Dobson’s final and total departure from the evangelical group he founded, Focus on the Family, and the end of the last job he had with them, as a radio-show host. Back then, the New York Times had suggested this had happened because he wanted to work with his son Ryan, but Ryan had divorced a few years ago, and the group’s bylaws prevented divorcees from working for them. But preacher Ken Hutcherson — a friend of the elder Dobson — writes for World Net Daily that this is not quite the case (screen shot of article):

Of all the people I know, in an effort to find some semblance of reality about what really happened [at FotF], I am the only one who has talked to both sides — Dr. James Dobson and Jim Daly, the new president of Focus on the Family who also represents the board.

I think that Focus does have a new focus; an image change designed to make them accepted and well-liked rather than standing for righteousness in an unrighteous society. …

The current emphasis at Focus is on being loved and understood.

Hutcherson doesn’t say it explicitly, but based on what he’s suggesting, Ryan Dobson’s involvement with FotF as a divorcee was not really an impediment to his father staying on, it was merely a pretense they used to justify forcing him out.

A rigid and fierce preacher, Hutcherson does not approve of this “new & improved” Focus on the Family, and he vents angrily about it:

A great example of the products currently coming out of the new Focus on the Family is the Tim Tebow ad during the Super Bowl. It said nothing. What a great opportunity that was to promote the pro-life position by revealing what abortion really is. But I guess they didn’t want to offend the world and wanted to make sure everyone loved them. …

I am not very happy with the new, progressive, “loving” leadership at Focus on the Family.

Like a lot of “armchair quarterbacks,” Hutcherson thinks he can do a much better job of running FotF, than its current leadership:

To be perfectly honest, what Focus should have done is give someone like me the leadership over the ministry.

Wah wah wah. They ousted your friend, Mr Hutcherson, and they dared not select you to replace him! Gasp! Horrors!

I can taste the sour grapes from here. What a crybaby!

Hat tip: iReligion Forum at Delphi Forums.

Photo credit: Jeff Fusco / Getty Images via L.A. Times Top of the Ticket blog.

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