Pseudohistory Channel' Logo (modified from 'History Channel' logo)As if the presence on the so-called “History” channel of programs on UFO hunters and Nostradamus haven’t already clued you in on this, a special program they ran tonight proves this channel ought to be renamed “Pseudohistory.” Because that’s exactly what they peddle (locally cached version):

The Real Face of Jesus?

As the Shroud of Turin is put on public display for the first time in 10 years, new data reveals more than just a flat image embedded in the ancient cloth, but an astonishing, three-dimensional, sculpture-like figure. Using the principles of physics, cutting-edge digital technology, and the revolutionary CGI process pioneered in Stealing Lincoln’s Body, HISTORY brings that image to life, unveiling the most accurate representation ever seen of what many believe to be Jesus Christ.

There’s just one tiny little problem with using the Shroud of Turin as an indicator of what Jesus Christ must have looked like, and that is that it doesn’t contain a picture of him! The Shroud has been tested scientifically, multiple times, and each time has been shown to date only to the Middle Ages — the middle of the 14th century, to be exact. There is overwhelming and abundant evidence that the Shroud is not a 1st century BCE burial cloth with a magical photo of Jesus on it, but rather, of medieval manufacture, very likely a pious fraud. It’s time for Christians who worship the Shroud, to put away their beliefs in this phony artifact and stop using it to prop up their nonsensical metaphysical beliefs.

That lots of people believe the Shroud is a relic of Jesus’ burial, does not make it so. And that it’s Holy Week does not justify a mass media outlet foisting this medieval fraud on the public. If you really want to see what Jesus might have looked like, I suggest having a look at the somewhat more reasonable effort put forward a few years ago by Popular Mechanics (WebCite cached article). You won’t be sorry.

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  • Philippe

    The Shroud of Turin indeed was carbon dated in the 80s is dating from the Middle Ages. However, the show on the history Channel made a pretty good case for the fact that the sample that was chosen and clipped from the actual shroud to be tested was "corrupted" by multiple handlings over the centuries in that particular spot as it was displayed publicly and held up for veneration. To dismiss the possibility that the shroud is some sort of fake based on that alone… well maybe you should start your own skeptics channel.

    • People (including the producers of pseudoscientific "documentaries") are generally very good at cooking up rationales for not accepting things they'd rather not have heard. Denial is a powerful force, particularly when you're playing for ratings in a country populated mostly by believers in "miracles" and one is worried about offending them, because they're hypersensitive about being told that a "miracle" they believe in may not have turned out as they thought.

      In any event, the truth of the matter is that the date of the fabric … personally I think it dates to 3,421 BCE, but I seem to be the only one who says that … cannot and will never demonstrate that the image on it was created by the almighty supernatural power of an eternal being who showed up in human form and then contrived to get himself killed. I guess my skeptical mind must have missed the part where anyone was able to provide objective, verifiable evidence that such a thing occurred.