Three Blind Mice CookiesOne member of the Roman Catholic hierarchy has come up with an innovative way to handle mass media reports on the ongoing Roman Catholic clerical abuse scandal. I call it the “Three blind mice solution” to the problem. Specifically, he has decided not to subscribe to a local newspaper which has reported and editorialized on it. Oregon Live reports on Portland Archbihop John Vlazny’s approach (WebCite cached article):

The Most Rev. John G. Vlazny, archbishop of Portland since 1997, canceled his subscription to The Oregonian on Wednesday and asked Catholic pastoral ministers to do the same.

In a statement e-mailed to priests and lay ministers, Vlazny said a March 31 editorial was “the last straw.” …

Vlazny cited a March 29 syndicated column by E.J. Dionne Jr. and a March 30 editorial cartoon by Jack Ohman of The Oregonian depicting Pope Benedict XVI as deaf to demands that he “do something about pedophile priests.” The cartoon “was a portrayal dripping with hostility, an attack against our high priest, our universal pastor, our faithful teacher, the one person who, in the eyes of the world, symbolizes all that we are and do as Catholics,” Vlazny wrote.

I call this the “three blind mice” solution because it’s reminiscent of the famous nursery rhyme of the same name. He hopes, I guess, that the problem will go away, if the mass media — including the Oregonian — will just stop bringing it up. Barring the Oregonian stopping its reportage, he hopes that not having to read about it, himself, might also magically end the scandal. That way he doesn’t have to get off his sorry, whining little ass and actually do anything about it.

Unfortunately for the Archbishop, reporting on what the Pope is — or is not — doing about the scandal, and even opining that his actions are deficient, is not “an attack.” It is a statement. “An attack” is something else entirely, usually physical in nature. Also, not listening to something does not make it go away. Only small children believe that; believing it’s possible is a sure sign of immaturity.

Archbishop Vlazny’s anger is misplaced, in any event. Instead of complaining about the Oregnonian‘s reporting and editorials on the scandal, maybe he should rage and fume — instead — at the priests who abused children in their care, at his fellow bishops and archbishops who purposely allowed it to happen, and at the popes (from Paul VI onward) who knew about the problem, but chose to let it fester instead of dealing with it.

What a fucking crybaby. Boo hoo hoo. With all due respect, your Excellency … grow up, OK?

Hat tip: Romenesko blog at the Poynter Institute.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons.

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