The Madonna rocks in Granbury TXMary and Jesus have manifested, together, in Granbury TX. They showed up in the form of a pair of rocks discovered by one Stephanie Madden. A report on this amazing discovery is courtesy of KTVT-TV in Dallas (WebCite cached article):

To Stephanie Madden of Granbury, a pair of ordinary rocks are as precious as rubies. …

When Madden first spotted the stones on the ground in Granbury, she didn’t think much about it, but a closer look was all the confirmation she needed.

“It was like the closer I got to God the more I saw him in things,” she said, “That looks like Mary holding baby Jesus to me.”

There is an accompanying video provided by CBS News:

The video even includes a helpful graphic overlay to show the resemblance … just in case you (like me) can’t manage to see a “madonna” in these rocks:

Madonna Rocks in Texas - helpful overlay courtesy of CBS News

Ms Madden ostensibly concedes this is a “coincidence,” but just as quickly declares that it cannot be one — for reasons that remain unclear, even though she thinks she explained them:

The resemblance she admits could be a mere coincidence.

“Coincidence is when God chooses to remain anonymous,” she explained, “In the bible it says that people who do believe, will see.”

I simply cannot make sense of her claim that “coincidence is when God chooses to remain anonymous.” It’s gibberish. Completely nonsensical.

She’s all the more convinced her rocks are divine, because someone else pointed out a Biblical connection to her:

“I was showing them to people at church Sunday morning and one of the members said ‘hey do you know in the bible it says, in Luke 19:40, ‘If my people become silent that even the rocks will cry out’.” She said, “That hit me as confirmation that I’m supposed to say something.”

Well, that does it, I guess. For her, anyway.

Folks, there’s nothing to see here. Literally! This is merely another case of pareidolia, a well-known phenomenon of psychology in which the brain tries to make sense of something vague or amorphous. It’s no different from the other examples of pareidolia I’ve already blogged about … such as the Virgin Mary in a door or between panes of a window or in a chunk of wood, or Jesus on a laundry iron, or a cross on a calf’s head. It’s also no different from the “grilled cheese Virgin Mary” that made headlines a few years ago (cached). So yes, Ms Madden, this is “coincidence” and nothing more, no matter how much you might wish it to be otherwise.

Photo credits: Screen shots from CBS News.

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