Crying babyThe American Family Association is one of the more militant and juvenile arms of the Religious Right. As such it’s been known to make some really freaky announcements now and again, such as when it propounded that an orca had killed its trainer because its owners didn’t follow the Bible, and that the US military is run by gays and Muslims. They’ve now decided to rail against Sears for selling what they claim is “pornography,” but which actually is not, as reported by the Consumerist (WebCite cached article):

Remember those posters you used to flip through at the back of Spencer Gifts in the mall? The ones featuring scantily clad women — and some bare-chested dudes — looking all sexy-like into the camera? Well, apparently the not-at-all-insane people at the American Family Association are convinced that these are pornographic… and they are absolutely livid that they can be purchased at

The AFA recently posted a call to arms on its website. Please note that the “*”s in the following quote are theirs, because apparently the words “nudity” and “sexual” are potentially poisonous to your brain:

I’m not going to post any of the AFA’s juvenile diatribe here, nor will I even link to it. The Consumerist story contains a link, if you care to follow it.

Personally I congratulate Sears for — so far — standing up to these childish bullies and their incessant caterwauling over things that are not their concern and over which they have zero control. In a free country — which the US supposedly still is — Sears can sell any risqué thing they want. The AFA’s religious objections are utterly irrelevant. They don’t have to buy these items, but they do not possess any authority to tell Sears what it can sell. Period.

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