Clock face / Ian Britton / Freefoto.Com / Ref Number: 11-22-54Earlier this spring, I blogged about the fraud known as daylight saving time (DST). Given that it will end in the United States a week from today, on November 7, 2010, I thought I would reiterate the point I made then: Everything that people believe about it, and which is commonly used to justify it, is wrong. Flat-out wrong.

To sum up: It was never established to help farmers, and has absolutely nothing to do with agriculture; it does not save energy, and may actually expend more of it; and it was not invented by Benjamin Franklin (belief that it was, is an anachronistic misinterpretation of a satirical piece he wrote about the Parisians of his own time).

What’s more, there is some evidence that it might be harmful to public health (WebCite cached article).

Oh, and it’s not “daylight savings time,” it’s “dayight saving time” (the word “saving” in that phrase is not a noun, but an adjective, so it shouldn’t be used in the plural form).

It’s long past time we dispensed with the myth-based fraud known as daylight saving time. I’m all for beginning a campaign to petition Congress to end it. Not that it will happen, especially if those in Congress continue to invoke the (false!) mantra that DST “saves energy.” That will definitely be a hard sell: We all know that legislators — at any level — prefer an appealing lie to an uncomfortable truth. At any rate, maybe it’s worth a try, nonetheless?

Photo Credit: Ian Britton / FreeFoto.Com.

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