war on christmasHere it is, not even the middle of November yet, and already I’m typing my first entry in the annual edition of the “war on Christmas.” The militant Christian organization which calls itself the Liberty Counsel has released a list of stores they’re ordering Christians not to buy from, because they don’t mention “Christmas” often enough in their holiday advertising (WebCite cached article).

Ordinarily, this is the point in my post where I’d be quoting from their page … however, these Christofascists are too sickening and vile to quote. Besides, naming any of the businesses here will only grant additional voice to what they’re saying, and thus aid them in their struggle for publicity. I refuse to go along with it. If you want to know what they’re saying, you’ll just have to go there and find out.

I’d just like to point out two things:

  1. The Religious Right whines, annually, that there’s an effort underway to forbid people to say “Merry Christmas.” Supposedly it’s being made illegal … or something. Of course there is no such effort to outlaw “Merry Christmas,” as I explain in my page on Christmas myths, but militant Christians never let little things like “facts” prevent them from saying so. Here, though, we find the Religious Right forcing people to say “Merry Christmas” when — perhaps — they might not wish to. Fucking hypocrites. (Evidently these folk are not aware that Jesus himself explicitly and unambiguously forbid his followers ever to be hypocritical.)

  2. The group’s name, “Liberty Counsel,” is itself a lie, because these people do not want “liberty” in the US — at least not “religious liberty.” What they want is a US which is uniformly evangelical Christian, like themselves. They may tolerate other forms of Christianity, but want non-Christian religions outlawed, as well as irreligion. (Their use of this misnomer places them in my “lying liars for Jesus” club.)

At any rate, I’m glad to open this annual series of posts on Christmas. There’s nothing like a supposed “war on Christmas” to bring out the height of stupidity and irrationality from the Religious Right and the hosts of Christian warriors who obey their every command.

Hat tip: The Friendly Atheist.

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8 Responses to “War On Christmas 2010, Part 1”
  1. lincy4president says:

    Its interesting that you say that Christians are being "ordered" to follow the "Naughty or Nice list", because its simply not the case. There are not requirements, its simply a list of stores so that people who share the standards and opinions of the Liberty Counsel can have somewhere to start. However I'm sure you just stated it this way because you wanted it to come off as poorly as it can be portrayed. Its just too bad that you don't have a stronger argument, and are required to resort to the grade-school response of putting words in people's mouths that were never even implied.

  2. PsiCop says:

    That the so-called "Liberty" Counsel expects people to obey their list, is obvious: If they didn't have this expectation, there'd have been no point in releasing it. The only reason to put out things like this is to assume that others will follow it.

    As for how I portray their "Naughty & Nice List," it's ridiculous on its face, and it makes the LC look like militant religionists, all by itself. It needs no help from me.

  3. NightOwl325 says:

    This is embarrassingly inaccurate. No one is forcing anyone to say Merry Christmas. Liberty Counsel just doesn't want Merry Christmas to be silenced. And why should it be? Is it offensive? Anyway. You claim to have so many facts when, in reality, you're going off of unfounded prejudice.

  4. PsiCop says:

    Nothing I have said is inaccurate. What you religionists want is for everyone on the planet — Christian and non-Christian alike — to say "Merry Christmas" to you at every opportunity. You will boycott any business that fails to do so. That is the very definition of "compulsion." It cannot logically be characterized as anything else.

    By the way, your claim that I am somehow "offended" by "Merry Christmas" is a straw man. I never once said I was offended by it. What I am offended by is militant Christians such as the so-called "Liberty Counsel," ordering people to say it, whether or not they wish to.

    Last I knew this is a free country. People who live in it are free to say "Merry Christmas," or "Happy Chanukah," or "Happy Kwanza," or even "All praise to Ishkabibble!" if they want to. They're also free to say nothing at all.

    Lastly … if your claim is that Christians are somehow being forbidden to say "Merry Christmas" — except as government officials speaking for government — then please document it. Ten examples from around the country should suffice to establish a pattern of such a ban.

    If you cannot or will not provide this evidence of Christians being systematically forbidden to say "Merry Christmas" in their private lives, then you will have proven yourself a liar.

    If I were you, I'd be more worried about your own group's lies, and not accusing me of lying. Remember what Jesus told you … you know, the part about the plank in your eye and the mote in another's … ?

    Just. Stop. Lying. Already.

  5. lincy4president says:

    You see nowhere in their policy does it say that LC is attempting to force anyone's hand. Its really just a matter of perspective. You want to think that LC is militant and intolerant, but in reality this list is simply so that people, who believe the same things that LC does, have a resource that allows them to choose which stores they want to spend their money.

  6. PsiCop says:

    Absolutely the so-called "Liberty" Counsel is trying to "force" people's hands. There is no rational reason for them to publish their list, if not to coerce stores into mouthing "Merry Christmas" repeatedly.

    Let me say that again so that you understand it: There is no rational reason for them to publish this list, except to force people to say "Merry Christmas."

    You can dodge and swerve around this all you want. This is not about "perspetive," it is about forcing people to live according to their religionistic notions. That by definition makes them "militant" religionists.

    Finally, I note you refused to offer any evidence that the saying of "Merry Christmas" has been abolished anywhere. The idea that it has been, is a lie.

    Just. Stop. Lying. Already.

    And don't whine at me because I noticed your group's militancy. Instead, try growing up and accepting that not everyone else in the world believes as you do and therefore does not have to live according to your own religion's principles.


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