Godefroi of Bouillon leads the armyThe forces of the Lord of Hosts are on the march again — as they are every year at this time — and they’re hurling the weaponry of commerce at people and companies that dare fail to use the word “Christmas” as often as they think they should. I already blogged about one such effort; the latest is courtesy of the raging hordes of the American Family Association, another division of the Army of Christ (aka the Religious Right). The AFA has gone to war against a national sporting-goods chain (which, as before, I will not name so as not to contribute to the AFA’s effort) because its holiday marketing isn’t “Christmas-y” enough (WebCite cached article).

Now, I’m not sure how many “Christmases” in a store’s advertising is enough for the AFA. They haven’t disclosed any standards that stores must meet in order to avoid their wrath. Their decisions seem pretty arbitrary. What this means is that it’s impossible for any given store to know, in advance, what’s required of them to make the Religious Right happy.

Keep raging on about Christmas, Christianists. Rage on. It’s hilarious. Honest! You have no idea how hysterically funny you people are.

Hat tip: Consumerist.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons.

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