harry potter quoteI have to give Christendom credit for tenacity and consistency. When Christians latch on to a stupid notion, they really latch on … and they don’t let go, no matter how stupid the idea is or what the truth of it may be. Hence, the continued attacks on the Harry Potter franchise, mainly by Christians who’ve demonstrated — by virtue of what they say on the subject — that they cannot possibly have read the books or seen the movies. The latest is by a Catholic priest who claims to be an expert on exorcism, as reported in this Catholic Online story (WebCite cached article):

“Harry Potter and these Twilight vampires glamorize the power of evil,” Father [Thomas J.] Eutenener explained, “and this has lead to many, many cases of possession among young people.” It may begin with a child or teenager simply “playing around” with the occult, but that seemingly harmless act is “opening a window” to possession.

First, children who read books or watch movies are assuredly NOT “‘playing around’ with the occult.” That’s so obvious, I shouldn’t even have to say it … but I do, because boneheaded idiots like Eutenerer keep acting as though it’s not.

Second, while I don’t know about the Twilight franchise since I’ve never read those books or seen any of the movies, I can say that the Harry Potter franchise IN NO WAY “glamorizes the power of evil.” No one can read the books or see the movies, and believe them to be “glorifying” the “evil” characters in them (e.g. the Malfoys, Bellatrix Lestrange, Fenrir Greyback, even the dreaded He Who Must Not Be Named, etc.). There is no way anyone who knows anything about the Harry Potter franchise can even begin to say there’s anything within it which “glamorizes” evil.

The rest of this Catholic Online story is just a whole lot of yammering about how teenagers are beset on every side by teeming hordes of demons, offering insipid explanations for what demons are and why they do what they supposedly do.

My guess is that Christians like Eutenerer are just jealous, because Harry Potter is the most popular media franchise in the world right now, and is quite possibly even more popular than Christ himself (if I may co-opt John Lennon’s famous comment along those lines). It’s time they fucking grew up and stopped lying about things, just so they can feel better about their beliefs and themselves.

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