Pseudohistory Channel' Logo (modified from 'History Channel' logo)I’ve blogged before about the bullshit that’s continually beamed by satellite from the History Channel Pseudohistory Channel. Most of it is just stupid and laughable. But I happened to see one of their specials, which was not only wrong, it was demonstrably wrong, and in fact was so demonstrably wrong that they have no viable excuse for having aired it.

Their claim was that the Knights Templars sent an expedition to the Americas in the mid to late 14th century. They supposedly landed at what is now Nova Scotia, then ventured west overland and left behind the Kensington Runestone in what’s now Minnesota. Here’s the link to the only page the History Channel Pseudohistory Channel Web site offers on this show, a DVD purchase page … but I urge you not to buy this pile of shit because it’s not worth anything.

Now, why do I say that this “documentary” is full of crap? It turns out to be easily proven.

I could point out that the Kensington Runestone is — outside of the Kensington MN vicinity — almost universally viewed as hoax. I could, too, point out that there’s no evidence the expedition’s leader, Henry Sinclair, had ever been a Knight Templar, or that there is any evidence the Templars ever sent an expedition of this sort.

I could even point out that any solitary early European expedition to the Americas would have been foolish to have left the coastline and bolt a couple thousand miles overland (note that all the early post-Columbus colonies were coastal, as was even the failed Viking Vinland colony). I could point out a lot of things about this so-called “documentary” which are leaps of reasoning or logic, or otherwise insipid or idiotic.

But I don’t need to offer any of these things as proof that this “documentary” is pure bullshit. There are two simple, irrefutable, easily-discovered facts, which — taken together — accomplish this, and they are:

The Knights Templars were officially suppressed by 1312 and had ceased to exist as an organization, by then, its members mostly all having been arrested and its properties seized, beginning in 1307. Henry Sinclair, on the other hand, was born in 1345.

That’s right, folks. 1312, and 1345. Neither of these dates is in dispute. It’s chronologically impossible for Sinclair to have been a Templar, or to have led an expedition under the auspices of that order. In short, it never happened, because it cannot possibly have happened — and this is chronologically verifiable.

Really, nothing more needs to be said about this. The History Channel Pseudohistory Channel’s airing of this putative “documentary” is inexcusable, since the refutation of the entire documentary’s content could have been found in any encyclopedia.

It’s long past time this fucking joke of a television channel pulled the plug on itself and put me out of my misery. It’s one thing to broadcast bullshit; it’s another to broadcast bullshit that any fifth-grader in any library could easily verify is bullshit.

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