Christmas goose (Weihnachtsgans) 1In a twist on the usual “other people won’t celebrate my religion the way I demand they do!” Religious Right whine, one fundamentalist activist has gone on a hunger strike. Over Christmas. That’s right … he thinks this will convince people to convert to his fundamentalist religionism and otherwise do what he wants them to.

No, I don’t get it either, but hey, you can’t just expect a militant religionist to make any sense, can you? The New Haven (CT) Register reports on this juvenile, sanctimonious publicity stunt (WebCite cached article):

Many Christians complain at this time of year when store clerks and others wish them “Happy holidays!” instead of “Merry Christmas!” — but Ned Coll may be the only one willing to go on a bread-and-water fast for the cause.

Coll, an activist who first gained notoriety for his efforts to open the state’s beaches to the public, has for 20 years been on a more religious quest, calling people to follow Jesus.

“Now the purpose of the fast … is basically to get people to focus on Christmas as the focal point of human history, the birth of Christ, and to say ‘Merry Christmas’ and to focus on it in every possible way during Christmastime,” Coll said during a visit to the Register Wednesday.

Pretty much most of what Coll has to say echoes what other paranoid Christofascists usually say about Christmas:

“I think ‘happy holidays’ is a creation of Madison Avenue,” Coll, 70, says of the non-religious greeting, which is scorned by conservative commentator Bill O’Reilly and others. “I think that’s the whole push, to get people to buy stuff for New Year’s, buying stuff for Hanukkah, buying stuff for Christmas.”

In the past, “The standard thing for people to say was ‘merry Christmas and happy new year,’ and that’s been completely eliminated as much as possible by Madison Avenue.”

Aha. So, Mr Coll, the early 1940s song “Happy Holiday” was not written by Irving Berlin in the 1940s, but rather in the age of “political correctness” by “Madison Avenue” … whoever that is. Got it. I don’t agree — and the facts say something very different — but by all means, Mr Coll, do not let them get in the way of your hyperpious, crybaby antics.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons.

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