X-ray jesusThe week between Christmas and New Year’s Day is typically a slow news week. Lots of people are on vacation, including politicians and other notable figures, leaving journalists looking for fluff and nonsense to fill print space and/or airtime. An example of this phenomenon is this non-story about Jesus being seen in an x-ray, dutifully reported by WXIN-TV in Indianapolis (WebCite cached article):

A holiday miracle here in central Indiana is bringing hope to one family. An Elwood woman is battling cancer by keeping Jesus close to her heart, literally.

She has the x-rays to prove it. …

On December 12th, [Karen] Sigler was sick in the hospital with pnemonia [sic]. She says Jesus made himself clear right on her x-ray, “My faith just got a little stronger since I seen that Jesus was sitting on my heart and that he’s there and you can see him. He’s there.”

The problem, of course, is that there’s absolutely no recognizable figure in this X-ray:

A putative X-ray containing a figure of Jesus, courtesy of WXIN-TV

A putative X-ray containing a figure of Jesus, courtesy of WXIN-TV

If you can see Jesus — or anything else — in this X-ray, let me know … ’cause I just don’t see it.

Ordinarily I’d call this story a case of pareidolia, or seeing something definite in an otherwise amorphous shape … but in this case I can’t, because there is nothing here to be seen.

Yet another example of a journalism FAIL — and doubly so, since “pneumonia” is misspelled in the story! Enough already with the dreadful lazy journalism, OK? (Yes, any reporters who may be reading this … I’m talking to YOU. Just fucking stop it with the insipid tripe!)

Photo credit: hfb.

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  • Jeebus! Ah see Jeebus! Amen!

    Seriously, I see an xray tech looking for a new job cuz he/she farked up on that one. 😉

  • PsiCop

    Yeah, I wonder what that looping thing is in the middle of that picture? Somehow I doubt it's an endoscopy tube.

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