Photo of the Virgin Mary ice, by Jennifer Bloomer, Dearborn Heights, MIPeople seem to love seeing the Virgin Mary in all sorts of things. It’s a hobby I’ve blogged about many times before, and will likely continue to blog about in the future. (Human beings are just too damned predictable!) WXYZ-TV in Detroit reports that the Virgin Mary appeared in Dearborn Heights MI as a blob of ice under a dripping outdoor faucet (WebCite cached article):

Jennifer Bloomer of Dearborn Heights sent us three photos that appear to show the likeness of the Virgin Mary in ice. We’ll be honest when we received these pictures we noticed it too! …

“A little miracle showed up at work today,” she told “I just couldn’t believe it.”

CBS News provides a brief video report on this major “discovery” (cached):

As though the Virgin Mary has nothing better to do with her time, than appear in the form of ice under a faucet at a storage facility. Yeah, that’s the way for her to make her presence known to humanity! Why, of course! It makes perfect sense! The Virgin Mary couldn’t have found any better means of presenting her message to the world!


I don’t really see the resemblance myself, but I suppose someone else might. Given the millions of blobs of ice that exist in the world, it’s natural that one or two are going to resemble something recognizable. That it happens in these couple of instances, does not mean anything.

Here again we see the power of the psychological phenomenon of pareidolia in action. That’s all this is … a trick of the eye, an optical illusion, a mere coincidence.

Hat tip: NESS Rogues Gallery blog.

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