Bundesarchiv Bild 137-040965, China, Tientsin, HJ und BDM VereidigungI’ve already blogged about the hyperreligious populace of Giles County, Virginia who flew into a towering rage over the matter of posting the Ten Commandments in the local high school. But the Decalogue controversy there refuses to die. There have been lawsuits and threats of lawsuits, with the ACLU coming down on both sides of the issue (opposing the school itself posting the Decalogue in public locations, but supporting students who post them in their lockers).

The county’s religionist parents have successfully gotten their kids to take a stand for Christofascism, as reported by WDBJ-TV in Roanoke (WebCite cached article):

About 200 students walked out of Giles High School Monday morning, demanding the return of a Ten Commandments display. …

“This is Giles County and Christ is a big, big, big part of Giles County. For those who don’t like it, go somewhere else,” shouted one student. She was greeted by a round of cheers from the crowd. …

“This is America and we can have our Ten Commandments and if they don’t like it, they can get out,” said one boy.

So you see, folks, this is what kids in Giles County, Virginia are learning: If you’re not Christian, you must leave. What a marvelous lesson to have taught the next generation of Giles County! Everyone in Virginia must be so proud of their new platoon of Christofascist Youth.

Hat tip: Unreasonable Faith.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons / Bundesarchiv.

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4 Responses to “Students Order Non-Christians To Leave Giles County”
  1. So much for the freedoms to worship (or not) the way one wants to. This is just another "us and them" situation. Till the day comes when humans learn to respect individuals and celebrate their diversity, this shit will continue. Folks like the ones mentioned in your article above will perpetuate this behavior long after you and I are gone from this place.

    • PsiCop says:

      But Eric, this isn't about "freedom." It never was, even if folks on the Right claim to want to preserve people's "freedom" at the expense of encroaching government. In truth, they don't want anyone to be "free," except themselves, and then only to do whatever it is they think is appropriate. If they dislike something, they think it should be abolished. They are, of course, hypocrites, but then, Christians excel at hypocrisy.

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