Siege of AcreLate last year, I blogged several times about the furious Neocrusader, Pastor Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida, who first promised to burn a copy of Islam’s holy book, the Qur’an, only to renege on this promise at the last minute.

Well, the story of this sniveling, childish whiner has a stranger ending than anyone anticipated. USA Today reports that he finally got around to torching a Qur’an, after his congregation held some sort of bizarre “trial” of that book (WebCite cached article):

The controversial Florida pastor who halted plans to burn a Quran on the 9/11 anniversary last year oversaw the burning of the Islamic holy book on Sunday after it was found “guilty” during a “trial” at his church.

“We had a court process,” said Pastor Terry Jones, who acted as judge, in a phone interview.

There’s a common phrase to describe the sort of “court process” Jones used … “kangaroo court.” Jones’s so-called “court” found that the Qur’an “promoted violence” and the only just remedy was to burn a copy:

After a six-hour trial on Sunday that featured a Christian convert from Islam as a prosecuting attorney and a Dallas imam as a defense lawyer, a jury of 12 church members and volunteers made the judgment, Jones said.

We all know that “Christian converts from Islam” could never possibly be unbiased … of course! And that jury of 12 church members could never possibly have gone into this with a foregone conclusion!

For the record, the Christian Bible most certainly promotes a lot of violence. Here is a comprehensive listing of the violence it contains … some of it inflicted by humans on other humans, to be sure, but some of it inflicted directly on humans by none other than God himself.

On this basis alone I hereby judge the Christian Bible guilty of promoting violence. But note, I’m not childish or angry enough to burn a copy of it in order to show that.

I also note that Jones decided to wait until the heat was off before burning his Qur’an. What a fucking coward. There’s nothing like having the courage of your convictions and burning the Qur’an, in spite of worldwide outrage, is there, Pastor? Too bad you haven’t anywhere near that kind courage … !

Hat tip: Mark at Skeptics & Heretics Forum on Delphi Forums.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons.

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