Ihs-logoNews continues to trickle in concerning the worldwide clerical child-abuse scandal which has dogged the Roman Catholic Church for at least a decade. The latest news is that a chapter of the Jesuit order (aka the Society of Jesus) reached a settlement with clerical child-abuse victims in the northwestern US, as the AP reports via Google News (WebCite cached article):

In one of the largest settlements in the Catholic church’s sweeping sex abuse scandal, an order of priests agreed Friday to pay $166.1 million to hundreds of Native Americans and Alaska Natives who were abused at the order’s schools around the Pacific Northwest.

The Jesuit order, called the Oregon Province of the Society of Jesus, has been accused of using its schools in remote villages and on reservations as dumping grounds for problem priests. …

The settlement between the more than 450 victims and the province also calls for a written apology to the victims and disclosure of documents to them, including their medical records. …

The settlement is believed to be the Catholic Church’s third-largest in the sex abuse cases, behind the Los Angeles Diocese, which agreed to pay $660 million to 508 victims, and the San Diego Diocese, which agreed to pay $198 million to 144 victims, according to the website BishopAccountability.org.

I blogged late last year about a cache of documents that had been released as a result of the San Diego case. Those documents reveal that the Church made calculated decisions intended to keep abusive priests in the Church — and able to continue abusing children elsewhere. But worse, it also revealed that California officials colluded with them to allow this to happen.

It’s a fucking disgrace … but to date the R.C. Church has refused to handle it head-on. The Church still prefers to evade accountability. Instead, they remain convinced this scandal is a vile diabolical attack on God’s holy, perfect Church; the real victims here are not the abused children, but rather, the priests who’ve abused them. Those poor priests, you see, were forced by the Devil to abuse children in their care. The Devil worked through the children, you see … which implies the children were actually the perpetrators of these crimes, not the abusive priests.

Yes, folks, the Vatican has a horribly deviant worldview, a result of which is that it never concedes error since it never considers itself capable of doing wrong. Any wrongdoing can only be coerced out of it, by outside forces, such as the Devil, “masonic secularists,” “great foreign newspapers,” etc.

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3 Responses to “Jesuits Reach Settlement Over Abuse Claims”
  1. I read about this in my local newspaper yesterday. Amazing… just amazing. How can people continue to allow these criminal organizations to exist. If this were a private (non-religion based) pedophile ring, the FBI would have busted their asses a long time ago and buried them all UNDER the jailhouse.

    • PsiCop says:

      Eric, they do it because they still view organizations like the R.C. Church as having some sort of "authority." In the San Diego case I mentioned, the district attorney — some years ago, admittedly — permitted the diocese to whisk out of the country a priest they had been considering prosecuting for abuse. The same also happened in the case of Fr Stephen Foley here in CT; back in the '90s, the state's attorney likewise refused to prosecute him.If the recent Philadelphia prosecutions are any indicator — and they may well be — it looks as though the "free pass" that the R.C. Church (and other religious groups accused of such things) once had, has been revoked. Unfortunately only time will tell.One thing I can tell you is that I personally know people who have left the Catholic Church over these allegations, less about the allegations themselves (any organization the size of the Church is going to have criminals within it), but more because of its inaction, its hindering of prosecutions, and its refusal to discipline abusive priests. I think the laity has become much less tolerant than it was, say, 15 years ago. Again, we'll just have to see if this is a trend that continues.

  2. The RC Church (and most other denominations) are just another "good ol' boy" network. It's still criminal. Check this out –> http://www.physorg.com/news/2011-03-religion-verg… <– I wonder if there's some way I can help this along. 😉