Human-Male-White-Newborn-Baby-CryingAmerica’s Catholic bishops have had enough of not being in control of the country. They’ve taken their gloves off and slammed them down. At issue — they say — is their “religious liberty.” In yet another expression of the Christian martyr complex, they’re griping and bellyaching that they no longer have the influence they once did; that government is no longer bending over for them on demand; and that society is leaving them behind. USA Today‘s Faith & Reason blog reports on their latest petulant, sniveling whine (WebCite cached article):

The U.S. Catholic bishops Monday blasted “aggressive secularism” and the Obama administration for attacking the Church — and all believers — on religious liberty by curtailing the voices of faith in the public square. …

Their leader, New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan, told the annual gathering of 300 prelates to employ their passion for Jesus and the Church to face down the “chilling statistics” of people leaving the church and the cultural onslaught of critics of the Church.

The bishops are carrying the standard of “religious liberty,” because in their minds, their “freedom of religion” equates with “everyone in the country doing whatever they say.” Anyone who insolently dares not to follow the strict dogma of Roman Catholicism is — by their definition — depriving them of their religious liberty.

Well, boo fucking hoo, bishops. Your “religious liberty” stops at your own front doors; it does not entitle you to control the lives of anyone else. Grow the fuck up and stop presuming the power to tell everyone — Catholic or not — what they can or cannot do. OK?

If you think my refusal to obey you somehow diminishes your “religious liberty,” well then … by all means, I invite you to track me down, come right here and assert your control over me. Go ahead! I dare you. Do it. Now!

If you cannot do so — or don’t possess the courage to try — then you’ve shown yourselves to be just a bunch of crybaby cowards who simply want to weep and wail that you aren’t getting your way any more. Wah wah wah! Too fucking bad, your Excellencies. The Roman Catholic Church did run the show, once upon a time … but the rest of humanity outgrew you. The Catholic Church doesn’t control the occidental world any longer. The sooner you grow the fuck up and accept that, the better off you’ll be.

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