KopimiI’m not sure how much this really has to do with “religion” per se or anything metaphysical, but here it is. The BBC reports that the Swedish government has decided to recognize a church whose sacrament is file-sharing (WebCite cached article):

A “church” whose central tenet is the right to file-share has been formally recognised by the Swedish government.

The Church of Kopimism claims that “kopyacting” — sharing information through copying — is akin to a religious service. …

The church, which holds CTRL+C and CTRL+V (shortcuts for copy and paste) as sacred symbols, does not directly promote illegal file sharing, focusing instead on the open distribution of knowledge to all.

Kopimism is less of a spiritual movement, and more like a transparent effort to protect file-sharing, as admitted by its founder:

It was founded by 19-year-old philosophy student and leader Isak Gerson. He hopes that file-sharing will now be given religious protection.

The effort here is to use laws religious-freedom laws as a facade behind which to share files. Not being a lawyer, I have no idea how well this will work.

In case you feel like finding out more about it, the Missionary Church of Kopimism has a Web site, with this introductory page in English. Photo credit: kopimi (aka “Copy Me”).

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