Three ghostsIt seems criminals are increasingly using appeals to the supernatural when caught doing things they shouldn’t have. Once upon a time, this sort of thing was unusual. In the ’80s a fellow here in Connecticut tried to plead not guilty to a murder “by reason of demonic possession.” Fortunately that plea didn’t fly, and he was convicted. But there seems to be a rash of this sort thing, lately. In 2010 another Connecticut fellow claimed ghosts had driven him to murder his girlfriend. That particular dodge worked, he was found not guilty by reason of mental defect (WebCite cached version).

Sadly, it looks as though this phenomenon is seeping out of the Nutmeg State. The Smoking Gun reports on a Wisconsin man who blamed ghosts for injuries to his wife (cached):

A Wisconsin man charged with domestic abuse told cops that a “ghost” was actually responsible for injuries suffered by his wife, according to police. …

During police questioning, [Michael] West claimed his wife sustained her injuries to her face and neck during several falls. When pressed by a cop–who pointed to marks on the woman’s neck–the intoxicated West shifted his story. “A ghost did it,” he said.

Cops arrested him — instead of the “ghosts” — for the beating, fortunately. I hope the Wisconsin courts won’t be duped by this maneuver.

Hat tip: Rogues Gallery.

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