Providence Road Baptist Church in Maiden, NC (from PRBC Web site)The Religious Right’s war on gays is definitely heating up, mainly due to president Barack Obama openly stating that he thinks gay marriage should be permitted in all 50 states. Of course, their outrage over the fact that gays exist, is nothing new. They’ve been lying about gays for years and have consistently campaigned to make them second-class citizens (or worse … if you assume they want to make women second-class citizens, then they must want gays to be “third-class” citizens).

At any rate, Obama’s announcement has unleashed their fury and they’ve doubled down on their sanctimonious rage against gays. For example, as Huff reports (based on Youtube video evidence), a pastor in North Carolina wants all gays in the U.S. killed off (WebCite cached article):

The barrage of anti-gay sermons delivered by North Carolina-based pastors to hit the blogosphere continues with yet another disturbing rant caught on tape.

The pastor, identified on YouTube as Charles L. Worley of Providence Road Baptist Church in Maiden, N.C., condemns President Obama’s much-publicized endorsement of same-sex marriage while calling for gays and lesbians to be put in an electrified pen and ultimately killed off.

“Build a great, big, large fence — 150 or 100 mile long — put all the lesbians in there,” Worley suggests in the clip, reportedly filmed on May 13.

The pastor’s remarks can be seen right here:

According to the good pastor, because gays “can’t” reproduce, once they’ve all been starved to death inside his massive pen, “gayness” itself will die out with them. Supposedly. I’m not sure that would actually work … but then, I’m just a vicious, Jesus-hating, cynical, godless agnostic heathen, so what could I possibly know about something this important?

I really hate to point this out — especially since I’ve complained about both the Right and the Left having made use of the distasteful propaganda device known as reductio ad Hitlerum — but what Pastor Worley advocates is shockingly similar to the Third Reich’s program of concentration camps. In fact, it’s just too damned similar for me not to take note of the similarity … even if that seems to contradict my own principles and runs me aground on Godwin’s Law.

Yes, folks … once again, we see “the Religion of Love” at work, showing its true colors to one and all. Isn’t it wonderful? I’m sure Jesus is proud of Pastor Worley.

P.S. I don’t normally use ideologically-driven sites like Huff as sources; but in this case a primary source (i.e. the Youtube video) was included with the story.

Hat tip: Mark at Skeptics & Heretics Forum on Delphi Forums.

Photo credit: Providence Road Baptist Church Web site.

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5 Responses to “Pastor Wants Gays Penned In And Killed Off”
  1. RobWilco says:

    Soooo … gays can't reproduce. Right, so that must mean they can only be conceived by … straight people LIKE HIM! (Wow, this guy's logic is scary awesome. I mean the other way 'round.)

  2. Guest says:

    First of all, one man's hate driven rant DOES NOT and quite frankly CAN NOT fully represent the so-called "Religion of Love"… and you already know that, but it's more provacative & expediant for you to lump everyone of faith into the same lot. That's a shame!

    Oh and your statement "… at least, not that I've heard." says it all. Personally, I've seen and heard lot's of comments from the faith community condemning this man for these idiotic statements… I've done so myself. So my question is: Are you engaged enough in the faith community (and I mean on a real level) to even know what is being said and to gage what a large portion of them are thinking? If you're like most of the atheist/agnostic/gays that I've been conversing with lately… the answer is a definate no. And if I'm right (not saying that I am), then that level of "hate them from a distance" ideology is no better than this preachers.

    Peace and Blessings.

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