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INSANITY is the ability to convince yourself that of all the people you know you alone are the only one who bears no responsibility for the horrible mess that is your life. / Motifake.ComLiving in Connecticut, I can’t help but hear “Sandy Hook” mentioned now and again. Nearly all such references, of course, are to the Sandy Hook massacre on December 14, 2012 in Newtown, CT. I’ve blogged about the sometimes-crazy aftermath of that atrocity, and while it took place nearly a year and a half ago, it appears still to drive a wedge between certain people (aka “Sandy Hook truthers“) and reality.

The latest example of “Sandy Hook truther” insanity, as reported by the New London Day, took place last week in Mystic, CT (WebCite cached article):

The 50-pound vinyl peace sign that marked the entrance of the new playground built in memory of Grace McDonnell, one of the 20 first-graders who died in the December 2012 shootings at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, was stolen Tuesday.

Then someone claiming to have taken the sign called McDonnell’s mother and told her the sign was gone, said William Lavin, founder of the “Where Angels Play Foundation,” which is building playgrounds to commemorate each of the 20 children and six adults killed at the school.

“There’s still a lot of ignorance and evil out there that someone could do something like that,” Lavin said Wednesday.

He said the caller was a man who claimed the shooting at Sandy Hook was a hoax.

What a mature action on the part of some NRA-deluded gun-toting wingnut! Because we all just know the Sandy Hook massacre was staged, perpetrated by Barack HUSSEIN Obama in order to take away everyone’s guns. That this isn’t what has happened since then, doesn’t appear to have sunk into their thick, sanctimoniously-enraged skulls.

Yes, folks, the country is full of children … many of them well over 21 years old. Keep it up, guys. You have no idea how impressed I am by your maturity. Really!

Photo credit: Motifake.Com/Demotivationalposters.Org.

Update: An arrest has been made in this and another Sandy Hook-related theft. The Washington Post has the improbable story of what led police to a sanctimoniously-enraged Virginia man named Andrew Truelove (cached). It includes some truly disturbing elements (cached).

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