Christianity / License to Sin / 'You can't judge me, you're a sinner too!' / PsiCop original graphicI just added a static page about the Christian slogan, “Christians aren’t perfect, just forgiven.” It’s a way that many Christians grant themselves license to do anything they want without having to suffer any repercussions over it. I recall having seen and heard it quite a bit back when I was a fundamentalist Christian (and yes — full disclosure — I probably said it a time or two, myself).

Now, a lot of my Christian readers out there (yes, even this cynical, cold-hearted godless agnostic heathen blogger has some!) may deny this is a Christian slogan, or that it’s commonly used. But it’s both. And Christians like it. They like it so much, they put in on bumper stickers, t-shirts, hats, etc. For those who need proof of how common it is, here you go:

Google Image search: 'christians aren't perfect just forgiven' / Screen shot (9/13/2015)

This is something American Christianity is going to have to address, whether it wants to or not, because the reasoning exposed by this slogan underlies a lot of what Christians say and do. It’s very common for Christians faced with wrongdoing to use this sort of thinking to justify having done it and to rationalize not doing anything about it, even after their wrongdoing was revealed. It’s a license for maliciousness, and it needs to fucking stop. Check out that page to find out more about why it’s a problem going back almost to Christianity’s origins.

Photo credit: Top, PsiCop original graphic; center, Google Image search screen shot.

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