About “Miscellanea Agnostica”

Hello! You’ve found an agnostic sanctuary. Come in and learn to think!

If you’ve come looking for an explanation of Agnosticism, check out my Agnosticism FAQ; it’s a bit long, but it explains the nature and ramifications of Agnosticism in detail.

I have a page on the myths that surround the celebration of Christmas, especially referencing the perennial “war on Christmas.” And I wrote another page explaining how and why the Religious Right in the U.S. has gone insane. I offer a manifesto on non-belief in the United States and those who would abolish non-belief, if they could.

I also wrote a page describing, and quoting, a large number of Bible passages that Christians almost universally refuse to follow.

And I posted a humorous piece on Christian theology — which I’d originally written back in 2001 for a Delphi forum — called “Divine Psychotherapy.”

For more information on agnostic, freethought, and skeptical topics, check out any or all of the items under “Links,” to the right.

There is a lot of material here — as of early February 2017, over 1,500 posts and 20 static pages! — so scroll back through the Archives by month, or by Category, or by topic tag (all three of these sections are also to the right). And there’s a Search function in case you’re looking for something specific (you guessed it, in a little box to the right!).

You are invited to comment if you like, so go ahead and do so, at the bottom of any page that interests you. I have a “Contact Me” page, if you prefer not to comment on an article but to email me directly.

I also have a license and copyright page with some legal-type things in it.

A lot of folks are obsessively concerned with the political and/or ideological affiliations of those they get information from. If you’re one of these, I’ll tell you — right now — that I do not fit any known ideology. I’m neither a Leftist nor a Rightist. Instead, I’m a Cynicalist. You are, of course, free to decide that this is a lie and that I do, in fact, belong to one ideology or the other … but no matter how genuinely you believe it, it will remain untrue.

The official “cause” of Miscellanea Agnostica is organ donation. That’s right, I’d love for every reader of this blog to arrange to have his or her organs donated after death. Yes, it’s kind of morbid to think about, but it’s the only way to experience “life after death” in any tangible sense. For those of you in the US, find out about how to arrange this, at Organdonor.Gov or Donate Life America.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Agnosticism, skepticism, and critical thinking, I now have my own Amazon aStore with a large selection of recommended titles. Please have yourself a look.

And by all means, please enjoy my little blog!

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