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Disqus logo - white on blue background 1024x394Good morning, Dear Reader. I’ve made another change to blog comments. Intense Debate worked well enough, but creating and editing comments with HTML markup (especially Web links) was problematic. So I switched to another, better (in my opinion) comment platform, which happens to be very common on the Web (and that means, any given commenter will already be familiar with it): Disqus.

You’ll have to have a Disqus ID in order to comment here, but that’s easy enough to do, so go ahead — comment away!

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Bible-openI’ve just posted a new static page on my blog, describing a number of Bible verses that Christians generally don’t obey. I’m not quite sure why this would be the case, since some of them are widely quoted and are featured in Jesus’ two most famous sermons, the Sermon on the Mount and the Sermon on the Plain. Nevertheless, few Christians these days live by them. And Christians have been refusing to live by them, almost since the founding of their religion. So ignoring these verses is a very long and very deep Christian tradition, that will be difficult to root out.

The reason why these verses are ignored is because — to be perfectly honest — they’re inconvenient to practice. Poverty as a spiritual ideal is not all that attractive; and pacifism to the point of not defending oneself is none too appealing either.

Nevertheless, these things — and more — are all explicitly mandated by Christianity’s most sacred texts, which means Christians must go along with them … or cease being Christians. It really is that simple. My guess is that most of the disobedient Christians who refuse to follow these instructions, are nevertheless going to continue refusing to follow them, and continue calling themselves Christians, even though their disobedience means they’re not.

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P.S. In case you were wondering, here’s a list of the verses covered in that page, in Biblical order:

Psalm 14:3
Psalm 37:11
Proverbs 11:2
Proverbs 29:23
Ecclesiastes 7:20
Matthew 5:3, 5
Matthew 5:9
Matthew 5:17-19
Matthew 5:38-42
Matthew 6:1-8, 16-18
Matthew 6:19-21, 24
Matthew 7:1-5
Matthew 7:21-23
Matthew 10:9-10
Matthew 19:21-25
Matthew 22:19-21
Matthew 24:36, 42
Matthew 26:52
Mark 10:21-26
Mark 12:16-17
Mark 12:41-44
Mark 13:31-33
Luke 6:20
Luke 6:24
Luke 6:27-29
Luke 6:37
Luke 6:46
Luke 9:3
Luke 12:33-34
Luke 14:7-14
Luke 16:13
Luke 16:17
Luke 18:10-14
Luke 18:22-26
Luke 20:24-25
John 8:3-7
Acts 2:44-45
Acts 4:32-35
Romans 3:22-23
Romans 3:9-12
Romans 11:32
James 1:22
James 4:10
1 John 1:8-10
Revelation 3:14, 17-18

If you want to know more about these verses, you’ll just have to find out for yourself!

Update 1: I’ve gotten some comments, and a lot of personal correspondence, about that page. I responded to that a couple days ago in another blog post.

Update 2: I’ve added a section on humility and its Biblical virtues. I’ve inserted the verses cited into the list above.

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QuillHello, all. Just a note to point out that I’ve changed commenting from the generic system provided by WordPress, to IntenseDebate. The advantage of this is that it allows comments to be posted using the credentials of a Twitter or OpenID account, or as a “guest” (using only an email address), obviating the need to create an account directly on the blog and then using it.

Many folks have Twitter accounts and/or OpenID-compliant accounts — even if they may not realize it (Google, Yahoo, AOL & WordPress.Com, just to name a few; here’s how to log in using those). It also provides commenters with added features, such as subscribing to any replies made to your comments or to all comments on the blog post, and voting on comments. This should make commenting on this blog easier, both to post and to manage, although I can’t rule out the possibility of snags somewhere along the line. Please contact me if you have any problems with commenting.

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Public Notice!In the last two weeks I have received emails from two correspondents, concerning apparent problems with this site. Unfortunately, it’s not clear to me, in either case, which post or page is the problem. Administrative site searches hasn’t helped me figure out what is the problem, in either case.

Now, an easy explanation for these mysterious emails is that they’re not genuine concerns about the site, but merely pretenses by which spammers are checking my email address; if I respond, they’ll know it’s valid, and then they’ll hammer me with spam. So I can’t very well just reply to my correspondents and ask what they’re talking about. This leaves me without the details I need in order to be of service to my correspondents.

The only thing I can do, Gentle Reader, is ask that, if you want me to address something on this site, to please send me the URL of the page or post in question, or at least some specific information I can use to locate what you’re talking about. Otherwise I can’t help you.

Thanks for your time.

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Sky viewAbout 9 years ago, on a lark, I wrote what I consider to be a humorous essay on Christian theology, for the AntiBible Project forum on Delphi forums. I’d been a frequent contributor there for some time, back then, and remain one even all these years later. My goal had been to illustrate a few things about Christian theology which are difficult, if not impossible, to convey directly.

This essay has been posted there ever since, but right about then was the zenith of Delphi Forums’ popularity. People tend to venture to other Internet venues now. So I thought it was time to extract this essay from the forum archives and post it here for a larger audience to read.

At any rate, I hope you will read and enjoy the essay, which I call “Divine Psychotherapy” … even though it might seem long and rambling. Thank you.

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Calandar PageToday is the two-year anniversary of Miscellanea Agnostica! This is the 489th post. Not too shabby, if I may say so myself.

And I just did. So I may.

Anyway, I plan to keep up about the same pace, for the foreseeable future, so enjoy!

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In response to events at CPAC, the conference of conservatives that ended a few days ago, I’ve written, in response, “My Non-Believer’s Manifesto.” I invite one and all — religious, non-religious, and in-between — to read it.

I admit it is a challenging statement, and this is by design, for reasons I explain there. Some of you might even consider it incendiary or extreme.

But whatever you think of it, clearly American non-believers no longer have any choice to but to start asking hard questions of religionists, who believe they are entitled to run the country and even to dictate what everyone within in it says and thinks. There doesn’t seem to be any more room for debate or negotiation, because religionists in the U.S. will never engage in either … not genuinely, anyway.

In any event, my thanks to one and all for having a look at it.

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