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A variation on the old “the Devil made me do it” excuse was on the news today, concerning the plane hijacking that took place in Mexico (as reported by the New York Times):

Federal police raided a Boeing 737 at Mexico City airport and freed more than 100 passengers on Wednesday afternoon after an unstable man threatened to blow up the plane as it flew from Cancún unless he could speak to President Felipe Calderón of Mexico to warn him about impending doom, officials said. …

The man had a criminal record in Bolivia for armed robbery, and was a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, officials said. Mr. Flores told authorities that he had a divine intervention that the date — Sept. 9, 2009, or 9/09/09 — had a connection to 666 and that Mexico might suffer a devastating earthquake as a result.

Paraded before reporters at the airport by federal police, Mr. Flores smiled nervously at the cameras, chewing gun. He later gave a rambling interview in which he frequently invoked the name of God and spoke of his desire to save Mexico. He said he had seen the devil in the Mexican flag and he called on Mr. Calderon to assemble the population in the Zocalo, Mexico City’s enormous central square. “Awful things are coming,” he said.

Various news reports have called Mr Flores a “priest,” such as in this (UK) Telegraph report:

A Bolivian priest hijacked a Mexican flight from the resort city of Cancun after receiving “divine inspiration”, officials said.

I’m not sure he really is a “priest,” though, because apparently Mr Flores has an extensive criminal history and I don’t see how he could have kept up his clerical obligations while in Mexican prison(s). The media had also reported multiple hijackers initially, but after arresting a number of people on the plane, Mexican authorities decided Mr Flores had been a lone hijacker.

If anyone tells you that little superstitious beliefs … such as that today’s date, 9/9/09, is somehow significant, or that the number 666 carries some kind of profane power … are harmless, well … now you know otherwise!

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