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Strangler Fig - A Parasitic TreeWere you aware that atheism is a parasitic infection in humanity? No? I guess you’re just not up on the latest developments in religionism. There’s even a blog devoted to exposing this malady, called A Field Guide to Atheist Parasites, whose first entry explains this staggering revelation, a diagnosis delivered by Rabbi Daniel Lapin on the Glenn Beck show (WebCite cached article):

Here is a transcript of Rabbi Lapin’s words of divine wisdom:

“I do believe that atheists are parasites in the sense that they are benefiting from everything that religious culture has built in America, but they’re doing nothing to add energy into the system.”

Here’s video (courtesy of Media Matters) of Lapin jabbering on like a crazed, hyperreligious, sanctimonious moron:

How the Rabbi can claim that there are “benefits” to “the religious culture” is beyond me. “Religious culture” has given us a legacy of intolerance and hatred. Among the more obvious examples of this that I could cite — and which ought to be well-known to Rabbi Lapin — is anti-Semitism, which Christianity fostered and promoted for many centuries, and which is still common within Islam. Are these “benefits” for which atheists must express their thanks, by converting en masse!? Seriously, Rabbi?

Moreover, he claims atheists don’t “add energy to the system” … is he suggesting that atheists never donate to charity? Or volunteer in their communities? Or serve in potentially-dangerous capacities … for instance as police officers, firefighters, soldiers or sailors? Really? He may subscribe to the notion that there are no atheists in foxholes, but in fact, there are plenty of them, and he’d know it if only he bothered to look for them.

I’m a little astounded that the Rabbi would dare talk about how horrible atheists are, given his role in the Jack Abramoff scandal. You see, in order to help ingratiate Abramoff among the Religious Right in Washington, Lapin and his group, Toward Tradition, gave Abramoff a phony award (cached). In return, Abramoff convinced some of his clients to swing a contract in excess of $1 million to a company Lapin ran (cached).

Wow. What a bastion of sound ethical behavior! Why, that only proves that religion makes people behave morally. Doesn’t it?

What, it doesn’t? … Woops!

Anyway, before Lapin goes around accusing atheists of being “parasites,” he’d best start owning up to his own parasitic ways (e.g. using his personal connection to the crooked Jack Abramoff to get business). What a fucking joke this guy is.

Hat tip: Friendly Atheist.

Photo credit: aacool.

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