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Texas is, in many ways, the Buckle of the Bible Belt. (Or as they say in the Bible Belt itself, “da Bobble Bay-Elt.”) Yes indeed, they are certainly God-loving in Texas. That state executes more people than any other, and Texans own far more guns per capita than any other, too. Let there be no doubt … no state in the country more exemplifies the lovingkindness of Christianity than (bloodthirsty) Texas.

Texas is also home to a dry town — namely, Lubbock — which is now wrestling with the idea of lifting its own municipal Prohibition.

But the churches are up in arms over it, as the Houston Chronicle reports:

Voters in Lubbock will decide whether beer, wine and liquor will be available in stores around this town of about 210,000. …

Those who favor expanding sales to include “package stores” say it’s time the city show some progressiveness, citing convenience, paying a fair price for alcohol and economic growth. …

Small contributors are funding the opposition group, many coming from donations after speaking to church congregations. Truth About Alcohol Sales raised more than $23,600 since January and spent more than $2,000 over the same period. …

Yessiree, dat’s da way it is in Texas, folks. Ya kin shoot damn near anybody in yer home ‘n’ gets away wid it, but in good ol’ Gawd-fearin’ Lubbock, ya can’ts bah yourself a beer ’cause’n da Lord dun tol’ ya ya can’t, ‘n’ Ah knows it ’cause’n mah preacherman dun tol’ me so. Puh-rayz da Lord ‘n’ pass da ammunition! Yee-HAH!

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