The Religious Right Is Insane

The Religious Right, aka the Christian Right, in the US has gone insane. Just insane. I’m not making it up; while I know it sounds like an extreme claim, it’s more than warranted. Here are several of the reasons I say it:

  1. Congressman Says Male Fetuses Play With Themselves
  2. Christian Leaders Call for Revolt Against U.S. Government
  3. African Americans were better off as slaves
  4. Gun Ownership is Next to Godliness in Kentucky
  5. … and in Louisiana, too!
  6. Doctors Declaring People Brain-Dead is Nazism
  7. State of Alabama Says God Made Coal, EPA Can’t Tell Them Not to Burn It All
  8. The Lost Tribes of Israel Are Now the United States
  9. Obama is Financing a Global War to Wipe Out Christianity
  10. Pastor Orders Non-Christians to “Get Out” of the U.S.
  11. Aurora Shooting Caused by “Attacks on Judeo-Christian Beliefs” …
  12. … and Sikh Temple Shooting Caused By “God-Hating Atheists”
  13. “God’s Law” Forbids Gay Talk on PA Legislative Floor
  14. Religious Rightists Claim Two Wrongs Make a Right
  15. Christianists in North Carolina Want to Establish a State Religion There
  16. Gingrich Says “Secular Atheists” Are All “Radical Islamists”
  17. Christians Stage Fake Kidnappings of Kids to “Teach” Persecution
  18. Americans’ Religious Differences Would Vanish If Everyone Converted to Catholicism [*]
  19. Obama is Waging a “War on Religion”
  20. … and He Allowed Muslim Brotherhood to Take Over Government …
  21. … and the M.B. is Working with the FBI to Impose Shari’a Law on the U.S.
  22. Atheists Must Leave the Country, & Satanists & Witches Must Leave the Military
  23. Rick Santorum Says Medieval Crusades Were “Not Aggression”
  24. Sarah Palin Says Paul Revere Was an N.R.A. Propagandist
  25. Freedom of Religion Applies to All Religions — Except Islam
  26. … Which Explains Their Neocrusade Against Islam in the U.S. …
  27. … and the Reason They Mistake a Church for a Mosque
  28. Congressman Says Women Can’t Be Impregnated During Rape …
  29. … and Another One Agrees with Him
  30. Obama Is Keeping Americans Away From Jesus
  31. … and He’s Bringing on the Apocalypse, Too!
  32. The Neocrusade Has the Religious Right Turning on Each Other
  33. Pastor Wants Gays Penned In So Gayness Will Die Out …
  34. … and His Congregants Aren’t Taking Any Crap About It!
  35. GOP Senate Candidate Questions Separation of Church and State
  36. … and So Does Another One …
  37. … and So Does a Presidential Candidate …
  38. … who Previously Declared that Satan was Taking Over the U.S.
  39. R.C. Bishop Didn’t Know Child Abuse Was Wrong [*]
  40. Jefferson & the Enlightenment Will Not Be Taught In Texas Schools
  41. Healthcare Reform is the Spirit of Herod?
  42. Founding Fathers Dismissed Evolution … Decades Before It Existed!
  43. God Exists, Because Otherwise, Tides Aren’t Explainable
  44. Christmas Is Christianity’s “Most Sacred” Holiday
  45. Christians Leave Churches Whose Pastors Aren’t Conservative or Militant Enough
  46. Oklahoman Religiofasists Fend Off A Mirage
  47. A Pastor Wants Obama to Die
  48. … and So Does Another Pastor
  49. Praying for the President & Psalm 109
  50. … and for 219 Congressmen Also
  51. School Official Wants All Gays to Kill Themselves
  52. Glenn Beck Says Christianity is Opposed to “Social Justice”
  53. … and Beck Says Jesus Was Never Wronged
  54. Atheist Billboard Leads to Death Threats
  55. … and They Lie About Those Billboards Anyway
  56. AFA: “U.S. Military Run By Gays & Muslims”
  57. Adultery Is Godly, ‘Cause King David Did It
  58. … and Anyway, It’s the Fault of the Evil Lefties!
  59. Robertson Says Haiti is “Cursed” and “Made a Bargain with the Devil”
  60. … And Other Religious Rightists Say He’s Correct!
  61. Church Burns Books for Jesus
  62. Obama is the Antichrist, the Bible Says So!
  63. … and It Also Says Fingerprints Are the Mark of the Beast!
  64. The Right Lies About the Hate Crimes Bill
  65. … and They Lie About Christmas, Too
  66. The Bible is Too Liberal, Needs to be Conservative
  67. Godlessness is the Real Problem in America
  68. Theocrat Billboards in Florida
  69. Former Fundamentalist Reveals the Truth About Fundamentalists
  70. Putting God in the Zoo
  71. Abortions Cause “Handicaps”
  72. Religiofascists Take Over Oklahoma
  73. Hannity Has Never Heard of Religious Advertising
  74. Many Assorted “Lying Liars for Jesus”

These people are thoroughly and incontrovertibly insane. There is no other word for it, and nothing can be done about it, short of somehow forcing them all to grow up overnight. (I know, good luck with that!)

Enough is enough. As I blogged earlier today, we can no longer afford to listen to these people any longer. They don’t deserve our support, our worship, our votes, or — most of all — our donations.

[*] I’m aware that the Religious Right is mostly made up of Protestant evangelicals and fundamentalists, not Catholics … but over the last few years, US bishops and many Catholic groups have pretty much become puppets of the R.R., in spite of this. That’s another aspect of this insanity — Catholics and Protestants, who are traditional ecclesiastical foes, are together advancing the cause of R.R. craziness.

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