Most religions have symbols that can be used to denote them. Christianity has the cross, Judaism a star of David, Hinduism the “om” syllable in Devanagari, Sikhism has its khanda, and so on. The various kinds of freethought (Atheism, Agnosticism, etc.) don’t really have a symbol, however. I encountered this problem in creating this site; it would have been nice to offer a nice distinct logo or even a favicon, but nothing really worked.

This is not something that hasn’t received attention over the years, and various groups have adopted their own logos, but none has really gained acceptance as an overall symbol.

But PeterM at the Effing the Ineffable blog has an interesting proposal:

The magnifying glass. Simply a circle and a stick. It can be drawn roughly or precisely, it can be incorporated into other designs, or it can be rendered in three dimensions – as jewellery, for instance, or sculpture.

The magnifying glass (we could refer to it as the rationalist lens) represents rational enquiry, scientific investigation and curiosity about the natural world. Like the Christian fish, it’s easy to reproduce in two or three dimensions, formally or informally. It can be executed as calligraphy, typography or jewellery. It’s simple to remember and easy to explain. And, if you’re of a subversive turn of mind or otherwise need to conceal your affiliations, it makes (like the fish in its day) an excellent piece of clandestine graffiti.

It’s definitely worth consideration! Think about it!

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